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Bitewind 15 Shadokhan Icaruss Ap-ol Ithgath is born (Winter Solstice - 15 Jan)
Earthfreeze Shadokhan Icaran Wars begin. First sighting of a Icaran War Golem.
Chillset 1 Balthazor Irmaa Vep destroys Necromantic Arch-mage Zee'taz Tuladoom and takes the High Necropolis. The Balthazorian Inner Circle vanishes - permanently. (27 Nov)
Chillset 20 Balthazor Icaruss' forces march through Balthazor and down into Luminii; no resistance by Balthazor seems evident. (16 Dec)
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan The Battle of Dawn's Early Light, where Icaruss and his forces are destroyed upon the plains south of Dreven. (27 Sep)
Goldfall 14 Shadokhan Cornelius Dreven is crowned as Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire. (19 Nov)
Moonshare 10 Shadokhan Cornelius Dreven II is born.
Goldfall Thermador The drake Plogisostican, aka 'Mortis Sanguine', begins his first assault on the Quintak after lying in hibernation for over 100 years.
Sunshare 7 Shadokhan Tumian Dreven is born (7 May).
Fadefrost 9 Shadokhan Cornelius Dreven I dies at age 77 (10 Feb).
Blossombud 16 Shadokhan Cornelius Dreven II takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire (approximately a month after his father's death).
Warmgrow 7 Cloosidian The Killer Shrikes win power in Cloosidian by tribal combat at Fona Du Del (6 Jun 87).
Fadefrost 18 Arboria Cytorak Brownleaves becomes High Druid of Arboria (19 Feb 89).
Fadefrost 21 Shadokhan Cornelius Dreven II dies after he is thrown from his horse under mysterious circumstances (20 Feb 89).
Blossombud 2 Shadokhan Harnum Silabrea Grey (at the ripe old age of 80) takes over as regent until Tumian comes of age on his 16th birthday.
Sunshare Shadokhan Lt. Volaraine Shakar captures the 'Crimson Death' (Countess Giannia Von Diemos) a serial killer who ravished the streets of Dreven City killing over 15 people. It is in battle with the Countess that Volaraine loses his eye.
Meridian 15 Shadokhan Tumian Dreven comes of age and takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire (14 Jul 95).
Gentrain Balthazor Rumored return of the Belladonna Sodality
Sunshare 9 Cloosidian Aeromantic Arch-Mage Jarz La Frenz is stripped of the his rank and banished from the Silver Moon Empire (9 May 96).
Fadewarm 17 Luminii Olaf San Giamonico comes to power within the ALF (15 Aug 96).
Soothcool 3 Luminii Volaraine Shakar takes over as Captain at Fort Wantlokin (31 Aug 96).
Gentrain 13 Oceanuus Assassination of Hydromantic Archmagess Golaria Seamere in Xieng Khouang (13 Apr 98).
Gentrain 29 Oceanuus Ban of Soniarium in Oceanuus (29 Feb 98).
Meridian 1 Oceanuus Elorac Seamere's coronation, taking her mother's place as Hydromantic Archmagess and ruler of Oceanuus (30 Jun 98).
1257(this year marks the beginning of online gaming)
Fadefrost 15 Luminii Archmagess Annabella Morningstar disappears (14 Feb 99).
Fadefrost 18 Thermador General Knowles decimates Thermador's standing army (17 Feb 99).
Blossombud 9 Thermador Pyromantic Councilmember Corra Báníon is found dead (10 Mar 99.).
Blossombud 13 Luminii Fores Mish'al is raised from his grave by Ref Golaventi (14 Mar 99).
Blossombud 20 Luminii Annabella Morningstar is found in the caverns (21 Mar 99).
Gentrain 16 Thermador New Pyromantic Councilmember is chosen, Anlách Bronmín (16 Arp 99).
Sunshare 6 Luminii Fores Mish'al brings Goblin Hordes onto Wantlokin (6 May 99).
Warmgrow 2 Shadokhan Aslin Dreven, Tumian's older sister, is hired as tender at Crosswinds but keeps her identity a secret (1 Jun 99).
Meridian (Oak) 15 Arboria Summer Solstice, Kaianis Amberlani initiated into the Geomancers' Council (14 Jul 99).
Meridian 29 Shadokhan Blood rain falls on Dreven (28 Jul 99).
Fadewarm 2 Shadokhan Aslin Dreven is kidnapped by Phelan Stormbringer at Gane Torask's bidding (31 Jul 99).
Fadewarm 10 Shadokhan Gane Torask and his Demon Horde lay siege to Dreven (8 Aug 99).
Fadewarm 20 Oceanuus Archmagess Elorac Seamere falls to fever and recovers five days later - replaced by a Corodre, a doppelganger agent of the Belladonna Sodality (18 Aug 99)
Fadewarm 30 Balthazor Irmaa Vep is 'killed' by Gane Torask (28 Aug 99).
Moonshare 29 Oceanuus Archmagess Elorac Seamere infected with a mind parasite by agents of Belladonna Sodality (26 Oct 99).
Goldfall 1 Balthazor Fores Mish'al takes Irmaa Vep's throne in the Necropolis (28 Oct 99).
Goldfall 5 Oceanuus Doppleganger Elorac arrested for the murder of Golaria Seamere (2 Nov 99).
Goldfall Shadokhan Tumian sequesters himself, nation undergoes recession as rumors abound concerning his state of health after defeating Gane Torask in battle (Nov 99).
Chillset 11 Oceanuus The Corodre disguised as Elorac is killed by Belladonna agent (7 Dec 99).
Chillset 15 Oceanuus The true Elorac, infected with mind parasite, is returned to Oceanuus (11 Dec 99).
Chillset Balthazor Irmaa Vep takes up residence on the island Muerte de Vi (Dec 99).
Bitewind 28 Shadokhan Riot in the Merchant's Tents in Dreven over inflation of prices (28 Jan 00).
Fadefrost (Ash) 24-30 Arboria Elven Tivili & Joining: Cytorak, Mysree, and Kaianis (25 Feb - 1 Mar).
Fadefrost 28 Shadokhan Zharyka Jelahldoran put on trial for attempted murder of Jorn Dagar; a masked Tumian sits in judgment, revealing himself at the end to deliver a not-guilty verdict (27 Feb 00).
Blossombud 1-3 Shadokhan Tivili and Emperor's Ball; Aslin's identity as Tumian's older sister is revealed by Dowager Empress Marinia Dreven (2-4 Mar 00).
Blossombud 10 Cloosidian Shrikes' coup at the Aerie (11 Mar 00).
Sunshare 17 Across the Empire Empire-wide Soniarium Ban announced officially in Dreven (17 May 00).
Sunshare 24 Across the Empire Outlander Edict announced; practice of Outlander magic outlawed everywhere except the Crosswinds Tavern (24 May 00).
Meridian 29 Shadokhan Dismissal of Harnum Grey as Tumian's advisor (28 Jul 00).
Meridian 30 Oceanuus A disease called "Red Tide" kills 500 mermen within 50 miles radius on the empire's northern shores as the first shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth is discovered (29 Jul 00)
Fadewarm 1 Oceanuus Elorac, recently recovered from her battle with Belladonna parasite, initiates quarantine and recovery efforts of Oceanuus (30 Jul 00).
Fadewarm 30 Shadokhan Suspecting the worst about Tumian, Chajar Shaldolf-Sundew and Aslin Dreven flee Taysàyad and Shadokhan (28 Aug 00).
Fadewarm 30 Arboria Large forest fire in Selendoria as a result of the discovery of the second shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth (28 Aug 00).
Soothcool 8 Cloosidian Expedition to the Aerie, Arc-of-Lightning killed (5 Sep 00).
Soothcool 14 Shadokhan Warrant issued for Chajar's arrest for the kidnapping of Princess Aslin (11 Sep 00).
Soothcool 15 Shadokhan Michanek Pen'darric appointed Weaponsmaster and Duke of Shadokhan (12 Sep 00).
Soothcool 30 Cloosidian Powerful earthquakes shake the Aerie as the third shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth is retrieved (27 Sep 00).
Moonshare 30 Luminii The fourth shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth is discovered, causing a large crater of decay to emerge in Luminii (27 Oct 00).
Goldfall 15 Shadokhan Declaration of Martial Law in Dreven (11 Nov 00).
Goldfall 20 Balthazor The permanent cloud cover over Balthazor clears, allowing the sun to shine on the land, destroying much of the undead population; this is a result of the discovery of the fifth shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth (Nov 00).
Chillset 30 Thermador Wadi Medani sees snow fall for the first time; the sixth shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth is discovered (26 Dec 00).
Earthfreeze 3 Balthazor With Irmaa Vep's assistance, Chajar goes into 'Twixt to discover the truth about Tumian (29 Dec 00).
Earthfreeze 5 Shadokhan Icaruss reassembles the Shahir Ad-Zoth, regaining his own body; he discards Tumian's body, then showers Dreven with Fire Rain. Annabella rescued from Taysàyad. (31 Dec 00)
Bitewind 2 Shadokhan Silver Moon Knights surround Dreven (2 Jan 01).
Bitewind 7 Luminii A mysterious plague, eventually called 'Twelfth Death,' begins in Luminii (7 Jan 01).
Bitewind 12 Shadokhan Imperial Guards take camp opposite SMK, outside of Dreven (12 Jan 01).
Bitewind 19 Shadokhan Pergaeron, Shakar, and Pen'darric declare unity (19 Jan 01).
Bitewind 22 Shadokhan Arrival of the Khorezim forces (22 Jan 01).
Bitewind 30 Shadokhan Tumian revived (30 Jan 01).
Fadefrost 14 Shadokhan Tumian meets with Archmages in secrecy (13 Feb 01).
Blossombud Shadokhan Rebuilding of Dreven begins (Mar 01).
Warmgrow Shadokhan Tumian's tour to the Archmages. (Jun 01)
Warmgrow 7 Arboria Prince Gerard's visit to Arboria (6 Jun 01).
Fadewarm 25 Cloosidian Klackatonakin initiates two new Councilmembers; Ereledan Ashura appointed as ambassador to Shadokhan (23 Aug 01).
Soothcool 10 Shadokhan Masqued Ball at Taysàyad (7 Sep 01).
Golfall Balthazor Archmagess Vep flees to La Muerte de Vi while Fores Mishal controls the Bone Throne.
Bitewind 10 Shadokhan Icaruss begins to throw mysterious orbs from behind the Nexus gate (10 Jan 02).
Fadefrost 8 Shadokhan Aslin's wedding to Prince Gerard of the Khorezim (9 Feb 02).
Blossombud 25 Shadokhan Archmagess Shaftile Sabrese Pyreslake and Sanista face off in the CWT. Freon is released from a solid block of ice and disappears (26 Mar 02).
Sunshare 30 Balthazor 1/4 mile per year growth of Requiem Swamp endangers crop lands. Stonetimber Forest rumored to be source of increasing numbers of free-willed undead.
Warmgrow 7 Luminii The Twelfth Death plague finally ends in spite of inability of vivomancers to affect it. Nostrum loses support.
Meridian 15 Luminii Raids by goblins increase, extending further into the region than usual.
Meridian 23 Luminii Famines following failed wheat crops end, with much praise given to the Allied League of Farmers and the family that leads it, the San Giamonicos.
Fadewarm 3 Oceanuus Trouble in Northern Oceanuus spurs General Kraang to dispatch Manta forces to quell it.
Fadewarm 17 Shadokhan Icaruss tricks a group of adventurers into retrieving his Staff of Undoing, Entropos (15 Aug 02).
Fadewarm 30 Oceanuus A strange disease appears in Oceanuus. Generally unknown is the source: Glitter Glee.
Soothcool 22 Oceanuus Archmage Elorac Seamere abdicates, leaving governance to the Council of Six while she leaves for Northern Oceanuus as an Ambassador.
Soothcool 30 Balthazor Fores Mishal is ousted from Malcoven by a small raiding force composed of Ashoken d'Allessair, Edail Archiras and Sinjin. Fores Mishal is killed and Irmaa Vep reclaims the Bone Throne. Edail Archiras is thought lost. Ashoken is awarded Captaincy of the Malcoven Guard.
Soothcool 30 Thermador Ulen Relor is decimated during its annual Festival of Lights by a surprise attack from Icaruss and his insectoid army, the Hive (27 Sep 02).
Soothcool 30 Thermador Nomad tribes begin following a man claiming Archmagess Shaftile Pyreslake has no right to rule.
Goldfall 6 Luminii Vinoricco is decimated during its annual Festival of Spirits by a surprise attack from Icaruss and the Hive. The Hive occupies the city (2 Nov 02).
Goldfall 17 Oceanuus The Hydromantic Council of Six is attacked and most of the Counselors assassinated. General Kraang of the Manta appoints himself Dictator and closes Southern Oceanuus's borders. Elorac Seamere goes missing.
Bitewind 24 Luminii Tumian Dreven leads a small army into Luminii to reclaim Vinoricco from the Hive.
Soothcool 1 Oceanuus Elorac reappears. Backed by an army of rebels and support from Northern Oceanuus, she retakes the throne from Kraang.
Soothcool 4 Across the Empire A rare double eclipse blankets the Silver Moon Empire in darkness. Portals across the Empire become unreliable and begin sending people to wrong locations.(1 Sep 03).
Moonshare 27 Balthazor Malcoven is baffled as six straight days of petitioning to the Archmagess are met with silence. Captain d'Allessair disappears.
Moonshare 28 Arboria High Druid Cytorak Brownleaves vanishes from Evergreen without a trace.
Moonshare 29 Shadokhan The Crosswinds Tavern disappears.
Moonshare 29 Thermador Shaftile Pyreslake disappears, leaving Thermador in turmoil.
Moonshare 30 Arboria The Druids convene to locate Cytorak Brownleaves and find only his blood in Shadokhan at the site of the vanished Crosswinds Tavern. He is presumed dead.
Moonshare 30 Thermador Mt. Rashkana experiences the worst eruption in recorded history.
Goldfall 3 Balthazor The High Necropolis is taken over by the Belladonna Sodality. Necromancers are slain.
Goldfall 16 Luminii A massive tidal wave hits the coast. The destruction leads to another famine. A similar to the Green Flu and Twelfth Plague disease appears. Vivomancers are unable to affect it.
Bitewind 4 Thermador Versaisna Lucair claims the title of Archmage and the throne. Massive reforms follow.
Gentrain 5 Balthazor The Sodality establishes semi-martial law to protect the living from massive numbers of undead.
Fadefrost 16 Arboria Elcine Rivervale becomes the new High Druid.
Soothcool Balthazor A mage-induce plague ravages living and dead inhabitants of Saxum Barony. Few survive and the plague changes the survivors.
Goldfall 20 Oceanuus Elorac Seamere orders her fleet to return to home port. An evacuation order is sent out.
Goldfall 28 Oceanuus The second tidal wave in recent history strikes the islands. Elorac believed dead.
Bitewind Oceanuus Survivors of the Wave fight for limited resources. The crimson banner of the pirates flies.
Blossombud Oceanuus Remains of the Crystal Fleet clash with Pirates and lose. Aikiliano Bashar and half a dozen others mold the Pirates into a formidable body.
Gentrain Thermador Versaisna Lucair demolishes the Lasair Bán Dome. Building of its replacment, Cnoc Liath, known also as Graystone, begins.
Gentrain Oceanuus Mount Mana'o erupts.
Sunshare Cloosidian The Battle for the Crown of the Four Winds is postponed. Aggressions arise among the clans.
Fadefrost Oceanuus The Pirate Nation's crimson flag flies over Xieng Khouang. Pirates attack on southwest Shadokhan and southern Arboria.
Warmgrow Oceanuus With the financial support of Emperor Tumian, remnants of the Crystal Fleet band together to challenge the Pirate Nations.
Meridian Thermador Firenium and Igneostar are both discovered by explorers braving Rashkana.
Goldfall 30 Balthazor The first mass of undead cross over the borders, swarming the small village of Ravendale on the Arborian border. No survivors remain.
Sunshare Oceanuus The Order of the Baronies is established.
Chillset Thermador Town of Rovincael renamed City of Fartrade; aggressive campaign begins, lead by Kivin Steel-Eye and Vinda Rovincael, to turn Fartrade into Thermador's premier port.
Bitewind Cloosidian A series of small earthquakes strike.
Gentrain Oceanuus Tumian Dreven tries to buy off Pirates with three and a half tons of silver.
Fadefrost Cloosidian A large earthquake strikes. Once again, the Great Battle is postponed. Aggressions soar within the Seleventi ranks.
Goldfall Thermador The Hive colony at Ulen Relor is destroyed.
Chillset Arboria Elven Blades join patrols on the border to fight undead. Requests for help from the Emperor go unanswered.
Chillset 1 Balthazor Undead continually spilling into other regions. Border patrols are haphazardly set up to stop them.
Bitewind 25 Luminii Archmagess Annabella Morningstar agrees to lend aid to Tumian Dreven in the fight against the undead in Balthazor, stirring further unrest among the citizens.
Fadefrost 12 Balthazor Tumian Dreven journeys into Balthazor to put down the undead.
Blossombud 18 Balthazor Tumian Dreven is killed and the Silver Moon Knights routed. Thousands are dead. The Klockwork Master immediately declares himself Emperor.
Blossombud Arboria The Elven Nation secedes, assuming a neutral role towards the Klockwork Regime.
Blossombud Cloosidian Cloosidian secedes. Human cities become Free Cities. Klackatonakin becomes the unofficial authority for the humans.
Gentrain Balthazor The Klockwork Master puts put down a large contingent of undead. Begins march to Dreven
Sunshare 19 Shadokhan The Klockwork Master and his army enter Dreven City. Dowager Empress Marinia Dreven disappears and is presumed dead. The citizenry is given the choice of pledging allegiance or banishment. Military members such as the Silver Moon Knights are offered allegiance or death. To the surprise of the people, their lives are largely unchanged.
Sunshare Oceanuus The Crystal Fleet disintegrates. Pirate raids on Shadokhan and Luminii increase.
Sunshare Shadokhan Rebel groups form. Silver Moon Knights and those loyal to the Drevens gather at Forts Wantlokin and Klimteg to rally to the Dreven Heir, Aslin. Word sent to Khorezim goes unanswered.
Warmgrow Luminii The Klockwork Army initiates efforts to end famine and disease, and to reclaim lands lost to the tidal wave nine years ago.
Meridian Arboria Borders are completely closed. Trade stops. The Dwarves secede from the Elven Nation and begin to trade independently.
Fadewarm Shadokhan Thieves guilds in the Empire are all but broken. Triad operations are severely suppressed.
Soothcool Thermador Versaisna Lucair forges an alliance with the Klockwork Master. Attempts to oust the Silver Moon Knights at the Rock of Duval fail. Survivors claim interference from the firedrake, Mortis Sanguine.
Goldfall Luminii True to the Klockwork Master's promise, the famine is eased. Severe rationing provokes resentment.
Chillset Cloosidian Preparations for the long-awaited Battle for the Crown of the Four Winds commence.
It was a quiet year. A very quiet year. So quiet, in fact, that nothing newsworthy happened at all!
Gentrain Balthazor Undead incursions outside Balthazor grow suddenly worse, then nearly cease altogether. Klockwork Captain Tharius is given credit.
Moonshare Balthazor Rumors begin to emerge from Padrical Barony of a return of the Black Branch (w/o the title of "Knight").
Moonshare 29 Across the Empire A shudder runs through the ley lines, and across the entire continent portals begin to function once again. People that had been thought dead for ten years suddenly reappear. The Crosswinds Tavern, too, once again materializes. (26 Oct 03).
Goldfall Shadokhan After emerging from the Crosswinds Tavern claiming to be the Magistrate of Dreven Arman Ban Triam goes into hiding with a sizeable bounty on his head.
Goldfall Oceanuus Travel through the suddenly functional portal is restricted. A stiff tariff is placed on exports to the mainland. (15 Nov 03).
Chillset Balthazor Reports and some trade begin to come from SE Balthazor. Tharius starts to gain infamy.
Bitewind Arboria Political situation becomes unstable. The Cele Lann patrols the borders. Illegal trade continues sporadically. (Jan 04).
Fadefrost Shadokhan Fergon Athtanios, Premier of the Union of Mercantile Authority, passes away.
Blossombud Shadokhan The Union of Mercantile Authority elects Geran Setalin as Premier.
Blossumbud 7 Shadokhan The Klockwork Master's Magistrate is assassinated at the Tivili Celebration. Arman Ban Triam is reappointed to the post. The Klockwork Master denounces followers of Nostrella. (7 Mar 04).
Gentrain 18 Luminii The Army is sent to Nostrum to enforce the Nostrellan edict. Archmagess Annabella Morningstar and her Circle of Six escape. Nostrum is destroyed.
Gentrain Luminii Vivomancer casualties approach one hundred. Estimated deaths of those aligned with the Nostrellans are in the thousands. Many are killed by the Pendulum and Broken Ring, some are imprisoned.
Sunshare Arboria The Fist launches an attack against Elven rule. Druids join efforts with the Cele Lann at the borders. All travel permissions are rescinded. Tequin and his Council appear to falter and the Elven Hand gains advantage at court.
Sunshare Arboria Incursions by Undead continue, as do attacks by Pirates along the coast. There is much death and settlements along both fronts are abandoned.
Warmgrow Balthazor Surrounded by female warriors, Renol Duvualt claims he is now the Archmage of Necromancy. Undead once more begin to rise from the Requiem Swamp. Tharius goes to Requiem.
Meridian Shadokhan The 'running fever' strikes Dreven. A few local vivomancers give aid (10 Jul 04).
Meridian Shadokhan Attacks on Klockwork patrols and outposts continue, though much of the resistance has been forced underground. Execution of captured insurgents is rapid and merciless. The Triad is rumored to support the rebels. (10 July 04).
Moonshare 2 Luminii Non-Nostrellan vivomancer Anara Midiere becomes the Archmagess of Vivomancy.
Goldfall 14 Luminii The order of the Crimson Crescent is established. Construction begins on the grounds of what was Nostrum to build a new school of vivomancy.
Fadefrost 11 Luminii Orazio San Giamonico leads an attack on Klockwork forces in Dalton. With support from the Silver Moon Knights, the Klockwork forces are defeated. Knights remain to secure the town. (10 Feb 05).
Blossombud 25 Cloosidian Amid rumors about the continuously postponed Battle for the Crown of the Four Winds hostility against humans increases. Causing further unrest is the frequent, unexplained absences of Archmage Klackatonakin.
Gentrain Luminii Nadiya Galyn takes up leadership of the ALF.
Sunshare Shadokhan Klock soldiers are stationed permanently at the Crosswinds.
Warmgrow 2 Shadokhan Klockforces raid the old Nostrellan Temple outside Dreven City.
Meridian 4 Balthazor Illness wipes out the entire village of Lethe near Thermador. Travelers spread what becomes known as the Bloodsun Bloom.
Fadewarm Luminii Keldon Baraeros reappears and forms an alliance with rebel forces. His army quickly becomes infamous for the apparent use of enslaved goblins as a front-line fighting force.
Fadewarm Luminii The ALF sponsors a Harvest Festival, drawing people away from Damansque. Orazio San Giamonico and his allies seize the city.
Fadewarm 22-25 Shadokhan/
Captain Raf Dolek reclaims Morgaine Pass from a Rebel blockade. Baron Streylan is instrumental in saving many lives.
Goldfall 3 Oceanuus Alleged Klock ships begin a series of raids. In retaliation, the Pirates level several coastal villages and turn their attentions on Klock camps scattered along Luminii's coastline.
Bitewind Cloosidian Jha'quinn of the Aeromantic Council of Six announces that the battle for the Crown of the Four Winds will take place in the Spring.
Fadefrost Thermador Klockwork encampments along the Thermador-Luminii border are burned to the ground.
Fadefrost Shadokhan Klockwork soldiers are publicly punished for overstepping authority. Captain Dolek makes his first public stand against the army's behavior.
Blossombud Arboria Fort Klimteg and the city of Gaimalli are evacuated. All Silver Moon Knights and the human population of Gaimalli are escorted by Rangers to the Cloosidian border.
Blossombud Cloosidian Archmage Klackatonakin is found decapitated. The vote among the Council for a new archmage is split, resulting in an empty seat. Political maneuverings postpone the Battle for the Crown of the Four Winds yet again.
Blossombud Cloosidian Zorrel Sparfilt, human member of the Aeromantic Council of Six, flees Cloosidian, abandoning his seat on the council.
Blossombud Cloosidian Silver Moon Knights under the authority of Marinia Dreven come out of hiding and begin to march towards Shadokahn.
Blossombud Luminii Increasing reports from Klockwork Forces of engagements with the Knights, who approach Keldon Baraeros to broker a deal with the Pirate King for transport by ship to Shadokhan.
Blossombud Shadokhan Pirates continue to harass the entire southern coast. Capt. Salomae of Shadokhan is tricked into attacking a fleet of ships piloted by prisoners of war.
Blossombud 16 Shadokhan The Dreven Gazette issues a Pro- Rebel paper and is closed down, the paper forbidden throughout Shadokhan.
Blossombud 19 Oceanuus Archmagess Elorac Seamere returns to Xieng Khouang to enlist the help of the Pirates in fighting the Klockwork Army.
Gentrain Shadokhan Captain Dolek and rebel leader Kendra Rulyar come to an understanding. For the first time Rebels and Klocks work together behind the scenes.
Gentrain Luminii Klock Captain Walsh and his forces are destroyed in an attack by Kili Bashar. Soldiers fleeing north meet with Keldon Baraeros and the Protectors. While some Silver Moon Knights remain in the region, most depart on Bashar's ships.
Gentrain Shadokhan Pirates transport Silver Moon Knights to Shadokhan, then continue attacking Klock-held ports and towns aided by Archmagess Elorac Seamere.
Sunshare Cloosidian Jarz La'Frenz returns to the Aerie at Even Further, claiming the empty council position left by Zorrel Sparfilt's disappearance.
Warmgrow 2 Oceanuus Archmagess Elorac Seamere is assassinated during the Pirate attack on Shadokhan's Port Ethralest.
Warmgrow 9 Oceanuus Admiral Oswyn and the Mer arrive at Xieng Khouang where they clash with the remains of the returning Pirate Fleet. The Mer and their Half-lo allies turn on the Crystal Fleet. The Devvol twins assume power.
Warmgrow Arboria The lost Blades of the Se'ar'ra are replaced and Ranu Kishar is named the new Telp'ambar of the Din Lanns.
Warmgrow Balthazor Baroness Soledaad Rourke journeys to Shadokahn to establish diplomatic relationships. By now all accept Renol "The Black Vine" DuVualt as the Archmage and ruler of Balthazor.
Warmgrow Luminii What little that remains of the Klockwork Army is scattered. Rewards for the capture of Klockwork soldiers have been posted throughout the region. Keldon Baraeros returns to Damansque with his army.
Warmgrow Across the Empire The portals begin to act strangely, affecting those using them and any mancers in the area.
Meridian Balthazor The Black Branch is reborn and reorganized. The 'Bloodsun Bloom' plague continues in eastern border towns.
Meridian Thermador All but one Klockwork garrison is burned to the ground, along with the soldiers inside.
Meridian 18 Shadokhan The Dreven Magistrate announces the Klockmaster's death and the fact that Kronomancers are mixed mages subject to arrest.
Fadewarm Arboria Archmage Tequin Shaldolf-Sundew sends the Cele Lann to invite - at swordpoint - Kai dan Rikash to Arboria. It emerges that Streylan is the Archmage of Animancy.
Fadewarm Shadokhan Silver Moon Knights from Arboria and Cloosidian begin their invasion of Shadokhan. General Steelclaw takes control of the government. Edail Archiras and Ashoken D'Allessair are hunted for the assassination of the Klockwork Master.
Fadewarm 6 Oceanuus Kili Bashar is 'tried' by the Mer, then put out to sea in a rowboat.
Fadewarm 19 Shadokhan During the Klockwork Funeral, the 'Master' is revealed as a woman. Chaos ensues, exacerbated by a powerful flux in the leylines.
Soothcool Arboria Rangers are sent into Shadokhan and Cloosidian as spies. Tequin strengthens ties in Dreven.
Soothcool Cloosidian The Battle at Fona Du Del is postponed yet again as Jarz LaFrenz convinces the Council to grant the humans time to find a candidate for the battle. Tensions are high. While the region's borders are not closed, there is no official trade.
Soothcool Luminii Keldon Baraeros is named Archon of Luminii. Council delegates play a significant role in the development of the new Rule of the Land. The Archon's first directive calls for building an army.
Soothcool Thermador The School of Pyromancy shuts down and the tribes have surrender all members of warrior age.
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan During the Festival of Dawn's Early Light the Rebels stage a coup against the Klockwork Regime. General Steelclaw surrenders. Ex-Captain Raphael Dolek takes over as Steward and begins the process of setting up a parliamentary government.
Moonshare 11 Cloosidian Humans are victorious at the battle of Fona du Del. Zorrel Sparfilt is elected Archmage of Aeromancy. The humans relinquish their rights to the Crown to Querawlk of the Hawkan tribe in return for peace. Jarz LaFrenz remains the only other human on the Council.
Chillset Arboria Limited news includes the following: an earthquake rocks Cennebrae, Etlam Dehranshi is elevated to the Arborian Council to fill the empty seat of Tamaen Skywise; Luminii reopens trade relations; Ambassador Elenari Tuurchi is dispatched to Dreven City.
Chillset Balthazor Renol DuVuault establishes a House of Barons. The Bloodsun Bloom epidemic continues, mostly affecting the Elven population.
Chillset Oceanuus Unknown Half-lo Miri Bayani becomes Archmagess of Hydromancy. Native S'oshans take refuge from Mer persecution in Shadokhan.
Chillset Shadokhan Steward Raf Dolek forms a Council of Advisors taken from all walks of life. Continued malfunctioning magic escalates unrest problems. Bandits outside Dreven City become bolder.
Chillset 10 Shadokhan Kai dan Rikash named as Weaponsmaster.
Bitewind Cloosidian Council member Guggian 'The Nearsighted' dies. Du'nuwin, victor at the battle for the Crown of Four Winds, is missing.
Bitewind 23 Shadokhan The Steward's Ball is interrupted by a staggering flux in the magic which turns out to be Empire-wide and spurs a renewed surge in efforts to unite the seven Archmages. (23 Jan 07)
Blossombud Shadokhan Archmage Versaisna Lucair and his army land in on the coast, just south of the Western Hills.
Blossombud 23 Oceanuus Tieryan Call kidnaps Archmagess Miri Bayani and takes her to Dreven.
Blossombud 26 Shadokhan The Archmages meet at the Northern Portal to repair the damaged magic, confining the poisoned magic to an artifact called the Avon Mered. Irmaa Vep, long thought dead, is a surprise attendee. (27 Mar 07)
Gentrain Cloosidian In order to counter an unexpected shortage of supplies, Cloosidian instigates trade agreements with Shadokahn and Arboria to supplement agreements made previously with Luminii.
Gentrain Luminii Nadiya Galyn steps down as the head of the Allied League of Farmers.
Gentrain Oceanuus Slave trade becomes vogue in the islands. Those of obvious non-S'oshan origins are targeted.
Gentrain Arboria Archmagess Anara joins the Arborian Archmage in Cennebrae. Tequin orders the execution of Vagan Vidaar.
Gentrain 14 Arboria The much-delayed Joining is finally accomplished. Unknown to any but those participating in the ritual, Archmagess Anara Midiere dies.
Warmgrow Oceanuus A disease called merrot (Mer Rot) sweeps through the slave population.
Warmgrow 22 Shadokhan Steward Dolek leads the Shadokhan Army and its allies against the Thermadorian Army. Archmage Versaisna Lucair is assassinated. Versaisna Tandiri remains in Dreven as a hostage.
Meridian Thermador Eteri Latani claims to be the new Archmagess of Pyromancy.
Meridian 4 Shadokhan Kai dan Rikash quietly resigns as Weaponsmaster, but accepts the title of Chief Counselor.
Soothcool Luminii Five cycles after Anara Midiere's disappearance, Julia Galyn ascends to the role of Archmagess of Vivomancy.
Soothcool 10 Thermador Eteri Latani is murdered.
Moonshare Shadokhan Rumors circulate that an argument between Steward Dolek and Kai dan Rikash resulted in Streylan's exile. True or not, the baron is missing.
Goldfall Oceanuus/
New agreements between King Cyyroidius and Archmage Tequin provide shipbuilding aid to Elves and Mer patrols to discourage Balthazorians wandering into Arborian waters.
Goldfall 11-21 Luminii The Silver Moon Knights convene at Fort Wantlokin. The Order is restructured and the retirement of Volaraine Shakar is announced; Rane Thadael takes his place.
Chillset Arboria The first new ship in the Arborian fleet is completed. Captaincy is given to Tihr A'Lahn. The Elves now have ships capable of sailing not only in coastal waters, but also able to venture into deep seas.
Chillset Cloosidian In spite of high tensions, trade opens and travelers are granted safe passage.
Bitewind Shadokhan Baron Streylan returns to Dreven. He is sought out by various political factions protesting the current state of affairs.
Bitewind 7 Thermador Taven Delintae, Versaisna Lucair's widow, dies, leaving two vacant positions on the council. There is still no archmage.
Fadefrost Thermador Archmagess Eteri Latani is found dead.
Fadefrost 04 Balthazor Kamal assigns Dail Mennth to Tristiana as bodyguard. By Sunshare the two are having an affair.
Fadefrost 28 Shadokhan Steward Dolek issues decree against former Klockwork Regime, banning the wearing or carrying of Klock emblems.
Blossombud Arboria The Elven Council and the Northern Mer reach new trade agreements and start working together on the defense of the Arborian coastline.
Blossumbud Shadokhan Area surrounding Dreven City plagued by fraudulent "tax collectors." SMK make several arrests.
Blossumbud Thermador Versaisna Tandiri returns to Thermador to take the seat of Archmagess by right of lineage.
Gentrain Arboria Arboria sends ambassadors to all regions but Balthazor, refusing to acknowledge the authority of the Barons.
Sunshare Shadokhan A blood feud erupts with Half-los and native islanders on one side and the Mer on the other -- and Shadokhan's coast as their battlefield.
Sunshare 8 Shadokhan Steward Dolek banishes ex-Klockwork General Yashkara Steelclaw from Shadokhan on pain of death.
Warmgrow Shadokhan Bandit activity worsens. Trade routes across the region affected. Aelo Ralasu becomes self-proclaimed warlord in Western Hills area. Other warlords are springing up like weeds. General Broder compounds a growing list of errors by decimating a village of innocents.
Meridian Arboria Kili Bashar is blackmailed into providing ships to protect Arboria from Balthazor.
Meridian 4 Shadokhan General Broder is recalled, arrested, and eventually dismissed.
Meridian 14 Cloosidian Soriah Klierbreze appointed to fill Guggian's seat on the Aeromantic Council.
Meridian 21 Balthazor Ashoken d'Allessair resigns as Malcoven Captain of the Guard; she reveals to Kamal that he is the son of Irmaa Vep and Cornelius Dreven II.
Meridian 24 Balthazor Kamal Dreven and Baroness Tristiana Mikkhal are wed. The bride disappears.
Meridian 26 Shadokhan Kai dan Rikash appointed General of the Shadokhan Army.
Meridian 29 Oceanuus Kili Bashar stages a coup and holds the Devvol princes hostage.
Fadewarm 9 Oceanuus Ashoken d'Allessair is appointed General of the S'oshan military forces.
Fadewarm 15 Balthazor Archmagess Irmaa Vepp appears at Baron's meeting and tries to suffocate the barons. She acknowledges Kamal as her son and makes him Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Soothcool Arboria The Council opens all border passes between Arboria and Cloosidian.
Soothcool Shadokhan General dan Rikash secures peace with 'warlord' Aelo Ralasu in the Western Hills. Dolek appoints him as baron.
Soothcool 14 Balthazor Ambassadors are chosen to Arboria, S'osha, and Dreven. Soledaad Rourke is made General of the Army. Ilda Mennth is given Baroness status via Right of Slaughter.
Soothcool 29 Shadokhan General dan Rikash defeats warlord Urnust Hogan at Whitelark Keep.
Moonshare Arboria Tequin Shaldolf-Sundew travels to Luminii to meet with Keldon Baraeros and Julia Galyn. The Southern Oceanuusian Ambassador arrives in Cennebrae.
Moonshare Cloosidian Seleventi reach an agreement with the elves and begin flying over the Arboria/Balthazor border as scouts.
Moonshare 20 Shadokhan General dan Rikash reclaims area of Underend from self-proclaimed Empress Lorelia Shyor.
Moonshare 24 Shadokhan Steward Raf Dolek openly insults Kili Bashar in the Crosswinds Tavern.
Moonshare 27 Oceanuus Ambassador to Dreven, Keoni Taranga, is reported missing from Dreven under suspicious circumstances.
Goldfall Arboria Ambassador Elenari Tuurchi disappears. Elven aid is offered to small human settlements along the Arborian/ Shadokhan border.
Goldfall 3 Luminii Archmage Tequin pays a visit during which he meets with Julia Galyn, Keldon Baraeros, and (secretly) Lord General Thadael. Silver Moon Knights will return to Fort Klimteg.
Goldfall Shadokhan Merom Ondri of Clever's Fen surrenders to General dan Rikash and his pledge is secured.
Goldfall 14 Shadokhan Kili Bashar is invited by Advisor Kendra Rulyar to invade Taysáyad. Populace grows increasingly resentful of the warlords's stranglehold on trade and what they perceive as an ineffective government. General dan Rikash under escalating pressure to take over -- as king.
Goldfall 17 Shadokhan General dan Rikash and the army surprise and defeat a large group of Klock soldiers and supporters in the Ardan Valley.
Goldfall 19 (Mooncalling) Shadokhan Chaos strikes the Crosswinds when a strange and powerful illusion seems to transform patrons into all kinds of creatures. A message scrawled along the side of the Northern Portal reads: "Without Archmages to lead and protect you, you are lost and confused. Seek Order!" Along with the message were a series of magical runes. Once the runes were removed, the illusion dissipated. The runes then became an object of controversy. After a standoff, the human woman who removed them escaped, claiming she would take them to the Archmage of Geomancy in Arboria.
Goldfall 24 Shadokhan A unit of mercs smuggling supplies to Klocks near Palla attacks General dan Rikash and his troops. All but three are killed.
Chillset 2 Luminii Silver Moon Knights travel to Fort Klimteg in Arboria. The first patrols, joint efforts between Elvenblades and Knights, begin traveling along the Cracked Pass.
Bitewind 1 Balthazor Cait McGill appointed Ambassador to S'osha. Passeador diNoche replaces Baroness Rourke as Ambassador to Shadokhan.
Bitewind 1-10 Oceanuus Kili Bashar and General d'Allessair reclaim the Seven Sisters from Devvol rebels.
Bitewind 21 Shadokhan Advisor Kendra Rulyar publicly repeats her invitation to Kili Bashar to take over Taysáyad -- and the rest of the region.
Bitewind 26 Oceanuus Kili Bashar's half-lo heritage is made public.
Bitewind 28 Oceanuus Tristiana and Dail Mennth seek political asylum in Xieng Khouang.
Fadefrost Arboria An unknown force attacks a small settlement south of Cennebrae. A secret Mage prison is destroyed and unknown persons are freed.
Fadefrost Shadokhan Warlord Vangar takes over Morgaine Pass.
Fadefrost 18 Balthazor Lida Mennth bears Kamal Dreven a son, Elazar Milan Dreven.
Fadefrost 20 Oceanuus Ships patrolling the coast of Balthazor for the Elves are recalled.
Fadefrost 22 Oceanuus Aikiliano Bashar and Ashoken d'Allessair are wed.
Blossumbud Shadokhan Elenari Tuurchi disappears from the Tivili Ball at Streylan.
Blossombud Oceanuus Trade negotiations are tentatively re-opened by Kai dan Rikash in the role of counselor to the steward.
Blossumbud 15-30 Shadokhan General dan Rikash hunts down remainder of Klock contingent in the north.
Gentrain 12 Cloosidian An assassination attempt is made on Council Member and Former Archmage Jarz La Frenz.
Gentrain 17 Cloosidian Zorrel Sparfilt temporarily dismisses his council, sending them to various places throughout the region and surrounding lands for their protection..
Gentrain 5 Shadokhan General dan Rikash hunts down remainder of Ardan Valley Klock soldiers.
Gentrain 20 Oceanuus Jarz La Frenz takes refuge in Xieng Khouang under the guise of an ambassador.
Sunshare 1 Shadokhan Aeromantic Counselor Soriah Klierbreze takes refuge briefly at Streylan.
Sunshare Oceanuus Dialogue between Shadokhan and Xieng Khouang breaks down as Steward Dolek takes over correspondence. Meanwhile, trade with Balthazor, Cloosidian, and Thermador continues to prosper and grow. Arrangements are made for the exchange of ambassadors with the two latter countries.
Meridian 4 Shadokhan General dan Rikash retakes Morgaine Pass.
Fadewarm 1 Oceanuus A son is born to Aikiliano and Ashoken Bashar.
Soothcool Oceanuus A new Merisite vein is uncovered by the Irjelaani Mer, the proceeds of which are sold exclusively to Aikiliano Bashar rather than the S'oshan government.
Soothcool 10 Balthazor Ricoh Gideonn is made Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Moonshare Balthazor On behalf of Balthazor, Baron Anton Malcus initiates trade discussions with Steward Raf Dolek. Dolek requests an embassy in Balthazor.
Moonshare 8 Shadokhan Steward Raphael Dolek takes to his bed without warning. General dan Rikash is summoned.
Moonshare 15 Shadokhan Raphael Dolek announces his resignation as Steward and, with the approval of the Council of Advisors, appoints Kai dan Rikash in his stead. Silver Moon Knights supplement the army, patrolling the streets.
Moonshare 27 Shadokhan The Steward's personal Wardens are established. Mikkaill Gideonn appointed as Chief Warden.
Goldfall Shadokahn Port Ethralest appoints the first ever Half-lo mayor on the mainland, Tahi Nonamu.
Goldfall 2 Shadokhan A faction of local leaders, led by Baron Denari Ambray, announces the coronation of Sherakai dan Rikash will be held on the 30th of Goldfall.
Goldfall 19 Balthazor Ricoh Gideonn resigns as Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Goldfall 23 Shadokhan Ricoh Gideonn appointed Weaponsmaster of Shadokhan.
Goldfall 28 Shadokhan Steward dan Rikash is kidnapped. Circumstantial evidence points to Balthazor. Ambassador Ilda Mennth is placed under house arrest.
Chillset Balthazor Adil Mennth appointed Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Chillset 2 Luminii An attempt is made on the life of Archon Keldon Baraeros. Assassins succeed in killing two members of the Archon's council, Antoni Demasio and Cole Terrick. General Ryder takes charge of the government.
Chillset 3 Shadokhan Word comes that Steward dan Rikash has been located. Wardens are joined by members of the army and Streylan's personal guard in an endeavor to retrieve him.
Chillset 7 Across the Empire A sudden surge of magical energy, origins unknown, erupts from the Northern Portal in the Crosswinds Tavern, leaving damage and chaos in its wake across the entire continent. The portal is closed to all off-world traffic.
Chillset 10 Oceanuus Tristiana and Dail Mennth abducted from The Splash in Xieng Khouang by Ethan Swann.
Chillset 16-18 Badlands Dan Rikash escapes his captor, Ethan Swann, and flees with Saskia Victrian and others. He is seriously injured during a last clash. Meeting with the Gideonns and thence the army patrol foils further pursuit.
Chillset 24 Luminii Steward dan Rikash and company arrive at Ft. Wantlokin. He leaves two days later and goes into seclusion to recover from wounds.
Bitewind Balthazor Regent Dreven orders the cataclysmic dead gathered and burned.
Bitewind Oceanuus The islanders begin recovery from earthquakes and fires.
Bitewind Northern Oceanuus The broken portal is repaired. The city is plagued by strange creatures from the deepest of the deep.
Bitewind Thermador Reconstruction and remodeling begins on Cnoc Liath.
Bitewind 10-14 Oceanuus Steward dan Rikash is a guest of Kili Bashar at Crimson House.
Bitewind 14 Shadokhan Steward dan Rikash returns to Dreven. Results and needs of Cataclysm are addressed and the Army put into service.
Bitewind 25 Shadokahn Steward dan Rikash receives a delayed letter from Kamal Dreven offering help in finding his kidnapper.
Fadefrost Oceanuus Discussions between the S'oshans and the NoMer continue, but Bashar refuses to give up the Devvol hostages.
Fadefrost 6 Shadokhan Ambassador to Shadokhan Ilda Mennth is released from house arrest at Taysàyad.
Fadefrost 19 Unknown Ethan Swann is tracked down and killed.
Blossombud Shadokhan The increased presence of Badlands immigrants in Dreven since the Cataclysm leads to quarrels and increasing arrests, particularly in the River District area.
Blossombud Shadokhan A remnant of Klocks allegedly led by Capt. Dod haunt the Houndstooth Hills, harassing and plundering nearby farms and villages.
Gentrain Oceanuus Overtures by Union of Mercantile are firmly - and in some cases violently - rebuffed.
Gentrain Shadokhan Twice during the cycle attempts are made to poison Steward dan Rikash, and ploys are made upon those close to him. The canny mind behind the plots continues to escape discovery.
Gentrain 27 Balthazor Aidin Craxmullen, Lord Mayor of Etrauch City, is assassinated. No attempt is made to cover up the murder. In fact, it is clear that agents of Cole Voss committed the crime.
Sunshare Shadokhan Geomancers work to build protective walls around the territory of Villisport. Emissaries from Dreven City are received and then politely sent on their way.
Sunshare 05 Shadokhan Rumors of a drake in Taysàyad's Ballroom are followed by news that Steward dan Rikash and Weaponsmaster Ricoh Gideonn are injured. Fears laid to rest when the Steward resumes his duties. The incident is explained as a test of security.
Sunshare 11 Shadokhan Tried and found guilty of breaking the law, Liam dan Sherakai is publicly whipped.
Sunshare 22 Oceanuus A minor earthquake damages Xieng Khouang's waterfront, incurring some deaths.
Sunshare 28 Shadokhan Chief Gideonn critically wounded in a fire that takes the life of a young boy. Responsibility for the blaze -- and for repeated attempts upon the lives of the Steward his family -- goes to an elusive group striving to remove the 'outlander mage' from power.
Warmgrow Shadokhan The San Giamonicos attempt to regain land lost to the Klockmaster, inspiring other s throughtout the region to make the same or similar demands.
Meridian 13 Shadokhan Three openly practicing kronomancers are tried, found guilty, and hanged.
Meridian 14 Shadokhan A mage known only as 'Vartan' is arrested in connection to the attacks on the Steward.
Meridian 28 Balthazor The barony of Shadowplain sufferes a major earthquake which results in the collapse of lands, leaving a fissure spanning the Shadowplain and Middleland baronies. Thousands die.
Fadewarm 14 Shadokhan Steward dan Rikash leads a small force to the Houndstooth Hills to deal with Klockforces there.
Fadewarm 19 Oceanuus Nikolas Allessair, missing since the Cataclysm of 1277, returns to Xieng Khouang.
Soothcool 03 Shadokhan Kiethry yen Sherakai attacks King Kili Bashar and Counselor Nikolas Allessair in the Crosswinds and is subsequently incarcerated and heavily fined. Fragile relations with S'osha decline.
Goldfall 09 Shadokhan Shortly after being given command of the Taysàyad Guard in addition to the Wardens, Chief Warden Mikkaill Gideonn is attacked and badly beaten by dissatisfied members of the former.
Moonshare Balthazor Ambassador to Thermador, Bran Mac Eonin, leaves Wadi Medani with Versaisna Tandiri, Archmagess of Pyromancy.
Moonshare 10 Shadokhan Violence at the Harvest Ball leads to the arrest of one traitor and the death of another as well as further information about the group to which they belonged, led by a man called Rooker.
Bitewind Balthazor Adil Mennth is sent to the Mac Eonin estate to ascertain Ambassador Bran's loyalty.
Fadefrost Balthazor Regent Dreven announces the disbanding of the council of Barons and orders the trader ship Mor'Bran captained by Kay Mac Eonin, to cease all trade and return to Deathsong Port.
Fadefrost Oceanuus Native population struck by Lahina'ake Duna (Wasting Fever). Hundreds die. Contagious, the disease spreads to port cities on the mainland. Queen Ashoken combats the disease with quarantines and fire.
Fadefrost 05 Shadokhan The mage known as Vartan, traitor to Shadokhan and multiple murderer, is executed.
Fadefrost 11 Oceanuus A son, Mekali Kihana, is born to Aikiliano and Ashoken Bashar.
Fadefrost 15 Shadokhan A magical disburbance involving Vartan shakes one of Taysàyad's towers. Chief Warden Gideonn is wounded.
Fadefrost 19 Shadokhan Major Alastair Tesch is promoted to General of the Shadokhan Army.
Fadefrost 23 Shadokhan Geran Setalin, Premier of the Union of Mercantile Authority, is the unfortunate victim of a blaze that burns his Dreven residence to the ground.
Blossumbud Balthazor Merchants and farmers alike grumble against the restrictions, the strange behavior of the Regent, and the need for military protection all along the Abysmal Chasm.
Blossumbud Shadokhan Tensions in "Badtown" result in fights, one of which results in a fire. Silver Moon Knight patrols in the area increase.
Blossumbud 25 Shadokhan After the steward receives news, soldiers and wardens are sent to apprehend Vartan's partner, Abel Tunney.
Blossumbud 25 Oceanuus Queen Ashoken frees the Devvol twins, Tahvanainen and Ulanen.
Blossumbud 26 Oceanuus Queen Ashoken puts the ailing king aboard the Glorakela'ilani, which was built and named in honor of his ship sunk by the Mer in 1274 and, with a select few companions, sails away.
Blossumbud 27 Shadokhan Vivomancers are sent to deal with an outbreak of running fever in Midford. They are accompanied by army troops to prevent riots and give aid.
Gentrain Balthazor Thermador sends an envoy to Balthazor that the kidnapped Archmagess must be returned. Balthazor very vocally denies all culpability in the matter, insisting that Ambassador Mac Eonin has been in regular contact and all is well.
Gentrain 21 Shadokhan Willam Lexington announces his retirement from the Silver Moon Knights.
Gentrain 28 Shadokhan Abel Tunney, after attempts to escape and the murder of one of the wardens, arrives in Dreven. He escapes again, kills again -- only to be apprehended and slain at the Crosswinds by the Gideonns.
Gentrain 29 Shadokhan Sherakai dan Rikash turns authority over to Chancellor Ambray Denari and departs from Hyathis.
Sunshare Balthazor The baronies of Nekroli, Nearcoven, Sturrbith and Shadowplain band together under Tristiana Mennth's guidance to remove Kamal Dreven as Regent. Tristiana takes his place as Regent and ascends the Bone Throne of Balthazor.


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